08/25/2015: Disagreement

I would be lying if I said the day went how I had anticipated it would go.  I had a fairly good night’s sleep, and breakfast was great in every way.  I admittedly anticipated the day to go as smoothly as it had gone.  In the discussion about racial tensions and our responses as Young Adult Volunteers to it though, it seemed to be emphasized that no matter what we do or why we do it, we are going to still remain where we are socially.  While I agree that in the end I wouldn’t sacrifice the potential opportunities for myself and my future families to be successful and self-sustaining, I found myself appalled by the notion that the reason we are here is for personal gain.  While it may be a gold star on my resume to say I did this, I don’t do it for the better – looking resume.  I’m not anticipating this to be a way to Easy Street.  I believe we are all here because we believe we as young adults that we can help further God’s plan and to reshape the world as God has called us to do.  This however is not the end of the discussion.  For the time being though, this is all that can be said.  So, until next time, God bless you in all you do.


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