08/28/2015: Sin and Love

Today was rather uneventful to be honest.  The afternoon seminars were rather dry, and the seminar this morning didn’t leave time for us to accomplish what it set out to do, meaning there will be more for us to do once we get back to NOLA.  One revelation made though was in regards to love.  It was during the first afternoon seminar, and I do not recall what it was that prompted the story, but the presenter told the story of a couple brothers he had worked with.  One brother had to decide whether or not to leave his brother on life support, and he felt like what he knew to be best was a sin, and a line he was told in response was “in love, there is no sin.”  Short though it might be, those few words are some of the most powerful I have ever heard.  My initial thought was “that would make a great tattoo,” but that will come later.  For now, I am satisfied with keeping that line close to heart and potentially using it in future sermons.  Regardless, I’m pumped for the talent show tomorrow night and for what else the day might bring.  So, for now, may God bless you in all you do.


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