09/02/2015: Conflict of Interests

Even though the day started off with helping the homeless, I must admit that I found my job of hawking over them as if they were criminals to make sure that they only take one piece of clothing or one pair to be defeating the purpose of trying to support those less fortunate than one’s self.  In thinking back on it, I find myself thinking about Jesus’ lesson on whether or not it was wrong to heal on the Sabbath.  In both cases, there is a conflict between what seems right and what one is told is right.  So, even though I was told to watch them and make sure they only took one item, my heart compelled me to look the other way or not watch as attentively.  Regardless, this is surely not the be the only time that my head and my heart will be in conflict during this year, but it is in this conflict that I anticipate I will grow.  Until then, God bless you in all you do.


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