09/09/2015: Voice v. Paper

Today was rather uneventful.  I spent most of it in my office reading various materials, which, interesting as they may have been, doesn’t replace interpersonal relations, whether it is between a chaplain and a patient, two friends, a pastor and parishioner, or however it’s defined.  Hearing the stories firsthand, hearing the emotions in a person’s tone, seeing the tears or the smiles, there’s something irreplaceable about such interactions that just cannot be given with reading.  One can easily assume the emotions the writer had when writing and can imagine what his or her voice might sound like, but it is in this uncertainty that the line between voice and paper is drawn.  The same goes for this blog.  I write every night in the hopes that, along the way, everyone who reads will live my experiences with me and be on the journey with me.  However, it is actually getting back to talk to people about my experience where people can truly come along for the journey.  Until then though, may God bless you in all you do.


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