09/23/2015: Regular Day

Today went well overall.  I forgot my phone in the car and found out the printer in my actual office hasn’t worked for years.  So, that was a little bit of a struggle to start the day off with, but someone from the IT department came and set up my computer to be able to use the public printers.  From there, the day went fairly well.  I visited some more patients today with one of the volunteers.  As can be expected, there were some who were less than unenthusiastic to see us, but there were also others who were overjoyed we would stop by and see them.  Just goes to show the variety of people one can encounter in such a setting.  Regardless, I’m off to bed a few hours early since I have to drive my roommate to the airport for 0530, meaning I’ll be waking up at 4.  Anyway, ttfn, and may God bless you in all you do.


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