09/24/2015: In Tears

So, waking up at 4 to drive my roommate to the airport wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  There were barely any cars on the road, and it allowed me to get into my office sooner to finish up a report I needed done by the end of the day.  One of the highlights of the day though was making a patient cry.  I got done saying the prayer, looked up, and he was in tears.  I initially thought I had said something wrong, like caused him to think he was dying or something.  After he regained some composure though, he expressed sincere gratitude for the visit and the prayer.  My colleague, whom I was rounding with, had done much the same earlier as well.  It got me to think about how completely opposing emotions can be expressed in much the same fashion.  Tears can be a sign of both happiness and sadness.  Tension in the muscles can be out of fear or out of anger.  I’m sure there are others, and I realize that there are certain ways to differentiate between the two possibilities, but it’s still odd when you think about it.  You see a person crying, and automatically you jump to the conclusion that the person is emotionally hurt when in reality he or she could be having the best day of their life.  If there are any lessons that can come out of this, they’re “expect the unexpected” and “don’t assume you have all the answers,” two things we all forget from time to time.  Hopefully we as a people can learn and grow from this.  So, until next time, may God bless you in all you do.


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