09/29/2015: Success!!

Hey all.  So, today went very well.  I visited eight or nine patients, and each one of them was very happy to see me.  Every patient I prayed with was grateful for my prayers and my time, which made me feel like I was making a real difference and truly helping them.  I spent the majority of the afternoon though writing papers, which wasn’t the most fun, but I got them done just in time to head home.  Once I did get home, I started preparing chicken paprikas w/ gnocchi and salad for dinner.  Everyone loved the meal, and even if the gnocchi smelled God-awful while it was boiling, it tasted great, especially with the sauce on it.  The chicken itself was great.  While we were having dinner, I made a presentation that was a sort of “all about me,” which included sharing some not-so-happy parts of who I am.  My housemates were very appreciative of my openness though, which made it seem worth it.  After dinner, I taught everyone how to play Euchre, which is something I promised myself I would do, and I have succeeded.  Everyone I’ve asked has loved it and said they would play it again.  In the end, it was a day of successes.  I can only hope tomorrow goes as well.  Anyway, I’m off to bed.  So, until next time, may God bless you in all you do.


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