10/03/2015: Two Late Nights

As the title says, I’ve had two late nights.  Last night, all eight of us went out to Frenchman Street and walked around, popping into a couple clubs to listen to the music.  After, when some of us came home, the tone drastically changed.  It ended up with me providing pastoral care to two of my housemates and praying with them.  Fortunately, both were receptive to my care and appreciated my prayers.  So, it was a night of varying emotions to be sure.  Tonight though, six of us went to a bar on Magazine Street to secretly “chaperone” two housemates who were on first dates.  From what we saw and I have heard so far, all is well, and we’re all excited for them.  It’s still too early to tell what will become of these relationships, but it’s in God’s plan, as everything is.  Regardless, tomorrow holds many firsts for me: first time meeting my host family; first time going to a Saints game; first time going to a live NFL game, period; and first time driving the Causeway, which is supposedly the longest bridge in the US.  Anyway, I’m sure I will have much to talk about tomorrow night.  So, until then, may God bless you in all you do.


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