10/06/2015: Our Toughest Critic

So, today was definitely shaped by some of the reading I did today from “The Lost Art of Listening”, a book I’m having to read for my site.  I started reading a chapter about how one goes about resolving tensions without becoming reactive in a negative way, and it got me thinking about if there was anyone I had unresolved tension with, how I should best address said tension, and how I can keep it in mind in the future.  What it didn’t really talk about though that’s just as pertinent is resolving internal tensions.  Everyone is their own toughest critic, and we must not forget to make personal checks and resolve tensions we have internally with ourselves.  The book as mentioned before how one cannot love, accept, or care for others unless we do the same for ourselves first.  This brings to question then, can we truly resolve tensions we have with others if we have not fully resolved our own internal ones first?  It’s obvious what the author of the book would say, but it’s an interesting thought, and one I will leave you with for now.  Until next time, may God bless you in all you do.


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