10/09/2015: Community

Since I forgot to post last night, I’ll be reflecting on the last two days, even if not much has really happened.  Last night my house went bowling, and I bowled a 135, twice what I usually bowl.  Tonight has been just playing games and watching movies as a house.  So, I suppose the big thing is the last couple nights have shown how a community is being built in the household.  It may have only been a month and a half (or there abouts), and no group is without its issues to deal with, but we’re coming together nicely on the whole.  All I can do is hope we continue on the path we’ve been on.  I do miss home though, and although i didnt anticipate it to happen so soon, i do miss seminary.  I had some great experiences there, and I made some amazing friends there.  Thanks to technology though, I can at least stay in touch with them.  Anyway, outside of that though, not much new to report.  Until next time, may God bless you in all you do.


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