10/12/2015: Preconceived Reminiscence

In the book I’ve been reading (and am almost finished with), the chapter I read today was on how to talk with teenagers and children of various ages.  Although I cannot speak from experience on speaking to my teenagers or children, it did get me thinking about what proper communication between an adult and a child takes, how the listening process differs depending on age, and even varies based on sex (generally speaking anyway).  In reaction to that, it got me thinking about how well my parents and I communicated during my teen years, and how, as a result, I had originally planned on communicating with my future teenage children.  I just hope that I can remember everything I learned in the chapter when it comes time to apply it.  Then again, if/when I become a youth pastor, it could be applicable in that situation as well.  So, we’ll wait and see what happens.  Until then, may God bless you in all you do.


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