10/21/2015: Technology

If there was one thing I realized today, it was just how dependant our society has become on technology.  Here’s what happened:  there was a scheduled meeting with the company of chaplains my boss is a part of, and she and I set up that we would leave 11:20 to get there.  So, fast forward to this morning, I was out doing rounds, and because I was visiting with patients, I put my phone on vibrate.  It never vibrated, but my boss called me three times and left two messages.  It turns out she forgot her phone at home.  So, she had to go home and get it.  She emailed me telling me all this, but because I didn’t see the email til after getting back from the meeting, I didn’t know the time and place of departure had changed.  Regardless, I responded back, got the directions to the garage, and ran to my car.  My GPS didn’t work for the longest time, and my Bluetooth wasn’t able to pick up my phone while I was driving, which only added to the anxiety I already felt for knowing I would be late to the meeting.  Once I got to the garage, the ticket dispenser was jammed.  Fast forward again to after the meeting, when I finally saw the email.  My first response was “why didn’t she just text me,” quickly remembering she didn’t have her phone to text me.  My next thought was then “why didn’t she call me,” again, quickly remembering that she did in fact call me, three times, and it didn’t ring.  Only after all of this did I realize just how dependant we as a society are on technology.  Our smart phones and tablets are our lifelines, and if they fail, it’s an immediate feeling of helplessness, which is ironic, given that we made and control it, not vice versa.  Anyway, I’ve started to rant.  So, I’ll leave you with that thought.  Until next time, may God bless you in all you do.


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