10/23/2015: Brother Dog

Today, I saw something awful. No, I don’t mean “awful” as in “terrible,” but as in “leaving one full of awe.” My site coordinator and her husband left for vacation today. I went to pick them up, and I was invited in for a few minutes. As we were leaving, they both went to their dog, gave her a hug, and then a kiss on the forehead. Now, this got me thinking about how important pets are to us as a society; how, even if they can’t talk to us like you and I talk, they are nonetheless a part of the family and able to communicate that unconditional familial love humans have for one another. I remember my own dog when I was a child and how much I loved her, and how much she loved us in return. I’ll never forget that love, or how heartbroken my family was when we had to put her down at 14 years old (I was ten years old at the time). This human-pet love makes me think then about how God intended for His creation to exist: in perfect harmony, caring for one another, regardless of differences, even across those of species. I’ll leave you with that thought, and the encouragement to love your pet(s) as unconditionally as they love you, for we are all part of the same glorious creation. Until next time, may God bless you in all you do.


One thought on “10/23/2015: Brother Dog

  1. Bradley, I like this, but I think you are a victim of autocorrect. It says, “even if they can’t talk to us lime you and I talk,” when I think you mean like. It also says, “even across those of species.” And it’s awful, not aweful.
    You will be interested to read stories about people and their pets during and after evacuations. My 11 year old daughter was telling us her plan for evacuation of the people of Mexico today. It included taking beloved pets on the bus, but I tried to explain that this would not happen.

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