10/25/2015: Power of God

“You don’t mess with Mother Nature.”  I couldn’t help but feel like, even if Mother Nature isn’t a physical person, there’s nonetheless an undoubtable truth to it.  One of my housemates and I went grocery shopping this evening, not thinking about the fact that Tropical Storm Patricia is starting her pass through the Gulf region.  Just driving to and from the store, between the amount of rain coming down and the wind speed, it looked like something out of the scenes from When the Levees Broke.  The weather plus the darkness and the power outages made for a very awe-inspiring scene.  If I can be awed being in a storm like this (which, for the record, is only a category 2/3 tropical storm at most), putting it into comparison with a Category 5 Hurricane like Katrina, it really puts things into place and is nothing short of mortifying.  It gets one thinking just how in control humanity truly is with all our industrialization, technology, etc.  All that means nothing against nature’s sheer brute force, and even then, nature is but a tool in God’s toolbox.  This leads to two further thoughts:  if God is truly vengeful, what would happen if God unleashed God’s full force at us?  The other is if God is so powerful, why do we fear giving Him the big stuff and telling him what we really want?  Just some food for thought as you continue on your way, and may God bless you in all you do.


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