10/26/2015: Side Effects

There wasn’t much that happened today.  There weren’t any new patients really, and I actually spent most of the day in my office reading.  Probably the most significant part of the day was seeing the after effects of the storm last night.  Street lights were out, the phones at the hospital were knocked out due to a leak into the telecommunications office, and the WiFi at the house was out until after dinner, but no major damage to report, and no flash/coastal floods (which were being watched for).  It does make one think about effects though.  Today’s world is flooded with warnings of side effects, repercussions, consequences, etc.  In fact, no matter what is being talked about, these subjects come up.  Unfortunately, we as humans don’t always think about the consequences for our actions, and while “leaps of faith” can be very good in some cases, they can also be irreparable in others.  So, I close with this question: how much do you think about your words and actions before you do/say them, and do you give different levels of thought to actions/words based on the situation?  Anyway, until next time, may God bless you in all you do.


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