10/27/2015: Anti-Rainy Day Medicine

This evening, my housemates and I went on a scavenger hunt at City Park.  Admittedly, doing a scavenger hunt at night makes it that much harder, and the music from the “Halloween” movies playing at the mini golf course made it pretty creepy.  Then again, being the week of Halloween, having the music and the darkness actually made the hunt that much more enjoyable.  I don’t know what it I s about Halloween that brings out the kid in me, but I always have fun, even if I don’t go trick-or-treating.  Regardless, afterwards, we came back and had a silly string fight.  I love this group I’m living with, and I know I will be balling my eyes out when the year ends.  Anyway, I realize that more everyday, and that’s why I cherish every moment I have with them (even if the can be a little crazy.  Lol).  So, I invite you to cherish all the moments you have with your loved ones, because they can make a bad day good or a good day better.  They are the original medicine for rainy days.  So, until next time, may God bless you in all you do.


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