11/01/2015: Saintliness

Today was All Saints Day, and it’s been the first time in a long time since I’ve seriously thought about the passing of my grandfather back in February.  It makes me wonder though what it is that qualifies one as a “saint.”  Is it attendance at a church on a regular basis?  Is it the holding a position of power, official or otherwise, in the church?  Maybe it’s self-identification as a Christian.  I like to think though that it goes beyond that though.  I like to think that, whether or not one identifies as a Christian, it is the living a “Christian” life in the sense of upholding the virtues of love/compassion, self-sacrifice/selflessness, responsibility, honesty, and dedication.  Maybe someone doesn’t attend church on Sundays, but they spread the love of God through other means like volunteering.  Maybe they don’t talk about “love” in the sense of God’s love for God’s children, but they speak about the value and sacredness of love.  Perhaps it is having grown up in a Western culture, but “saintliness” seems ill-defined, as in it applies only to good church – going folks who pray x times a day, read their daily scriptures to a point where they can recite the Bible word-for-word, and never once stray from God’s path.  I like to think all of us can and will be a saint to someone if we simply love and show forth compassion as we have been loved and been shown compassion by others.  So, I ask you:  who have you been a saint for lately?  Anyway, until next time, may God bless you in all you do.


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