11/02/2015: Delayed Reaction

I realize I’m posting about something a day late, but I honestly forgot this happened yesterday.  So, call it a delayed reaction.  Regardless, I went to my host family’s house yesterday, and sitting on their kitchen table was a copy of my novel.  They asked me to autograph it.  After, my host mom, who’s a high school English teacher, asked me if it would be appropriate for her students to read.  I honestly was starting to think I’d never be asked that question.  I gave her an honest answer, but what I told her didn’t deter her from wanting to read it and potentially have her students read it.  It then became a question about potentially coming in to talk to her students and/or a sci-fi/fantasy club they have at her school.  This also was something I was thinking I’d never be asked.  Apparently though, God has something in store for me, and I wasn’t far off with my hopes/dreams.  It just goes to show that all good things come in time.  I can’t express how excited I am about the prospect, and I just hope it happens.  Anyway, that’s all for the night, as there wasn’t anything that happened today.  So, until next time, may God bless you in all you do.


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