11/13/2015: Departure

So, I just realized I wrote this last night but never posted it.  My bad.:?

Happy Friday the 13th everyone.  Hope you’re having as good of luck as I had.  I say that because, while I was at a doctor’s appointment today, I was made aware of two free tickets taped to the door to the suite to a concert of a tribute band to Journey (Departure), and I jumped at the opportunity.  One of my housemates and I went to the show, and it said both online and on the tickets the show started at 8.  So, we got there about 7:30.  8 rolled around, and no one was really inside yet.  So, we stood on one of the balconies and waited for the show to start.  It didn’t actually start until 9:15.  Regardless, the show was really fun.  The lead singer though was kind of creepy, because he kept going up to people and rubbing their hair.  Even amidst that fact though, I had lots of fun and would like to do it again sometime.  Anyway, I have a 5k in the morning.  So, I’m gonna get some rest for that.  Until next time, may God bless you in all you do.




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