11/17/15: Holding Hands

The day started off with an Anti-Racism seminar this morning with my housemates, and I must say, it went much better than the one at YAV Orientation back in August simply because it was a discussion and self-exploration rather than a “you are all effing racist and hears a day-long lecture on why you’re all in the wrong.”  At the same time, the initial lecture back in August did allow for the discussion to get deeper faster, which, because it was a two-hour event, it was beneficial for that reason.  Regardless, what impressed me the most was what we did when we closed.  We all joined hands, and then everyone was to raise their left hands, which meant we were raising the right hand of the person next to us.  Then, the same was done for bringing our hands down.  Finally, we had to lift our left hand while keeping our right hand down, which was a struggle.  The moral we were told was that it’s hard on everyone to lift some people up while keeping others down.  As simple as that was, it makes sense and provokes a lot of thought.  I’m going to have to remember it for the future for when I work with parishioners on this topic.  So, until next time, may God bless you in all you do.


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