11/18/2015: Second Chances

Today was the monthly Chaplains Case Conference, but instead of going over and giving feedback on a report from one of the chaplains, there was a presentation given on a program called Community-Police Mediation that’s going on in a couple cities around the nation.  What happens with this program is that, usually, if a citizen has a valid complaint against the way an officer acted or spoke, that complaint would go on his/her record, but this program allows citizen and officer to come together, to make sure they are heard by the other side, and that relations between the two sides are improved.  The incident is then wiped from the officer’s record.  I can’t remember all that was measured in terms of outcomes, but I just remember seeing the reactions and outcomes from community members and officers alike and feeling like there needs to be a movement towards making this a nationwide program, put in place in all major cities and state police departments.  This gives a second chance to both citizens and officers to be heard, and it improves the quality of the relationships between the two parties.  Who wouldn’t want something like this?  I feel like I could go on about how cool I think this program is, but I’ll leave you rather with this question:  If you had a second chance to set one or more of your wrongs right, wouldn’t you?  Good night, and may God bless you in all you do.


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