I realize I haven’t posted in a few days, but there is a reason: my parents have been in town starting last Friday and leaving today.  While we may not have been able to go to every place recommended for meals or to see every place I was told to have them visit, they seemed to enjoy themselves, and I definitely enjoyed having them around.  There truly is no place like home for the holidays, and home is where the heart is.  Those are the two phrases that keep coming to mind.  As much as I’d like to be able to see and hold more of the family, I’ll take what I can get (not that I have much of a choice.  Lol.)  I feel like maybe my thoughts are a little scattered at this point, but there’s so much I could talk about.  I suppose I’ll close with this then: family really is what the holidays are about (or at least to me), and this past week just proves my point.  So, I’m happy I was able to experience that this year.  Anyway, until next time, may God bless you in all you do, and Happy Holidays to all.


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