12/26/2015: Holidays

Merry Christmas everyone, and I hope you all have had a fun time with family and/or friends.  Christmas here was rather uneventful.  I made cinnamon buns for those still here (which was just me, a housemate, and their sibling), and we watched lots of movies, partly because it was hot (80 some degrees), humid(80%+), and rainy outside.  So, it just wasn’t a good day to go out, not that there would have been many places open anyway.  Today wasn’t much different.  My housemate and I watched a number of movies.  She cleaned while I read and worked on sermons.  I went and looked after some kitties for my site coordinator and her in-laws.  The cats are a strange bunch.  Two of them who hate each other, hiss and swat at each other, they get along perfectly when they’re vying for my attention, rubbing up against my legs, meowing, etc.  A third one who is usually rather antisocial comes right up to me and rubs up against me.  The fourth I still can’t figure out.  He hissed at me while rubbing up against me.  The next time, he followed me around the house, hissing at me and swatting when he had the chance.  Finally, today, he was meowing at me because I wasn’t petting him.  So, idk; that cat’s a wierdo.  Regardless, it’s been a good weekend, and I look forward to getting back in the pulpit tomorrow.  So, I’ll definitely let you all know how that goes.  Until then, may God bless you in all you do.


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