01/07/2016: A Week of Craziness

So, the past week has been crazy busy, which is why I haven’t posted since Sunday (so much for my hopes of posting nightly, lol), and boy has a lot happened.  First, I started working on the clergy networking project I was originally in charge of but am now just assisting with  (and because I don’t remember whether or not I mentioned this in a past blog, the jist is that it should be someone the clergy will have a relationship with after I leave that heads the project).  So, I’ve been compiling a list of every church and synagogue in a two-mile radius of the hospital and every mosque in NOLA.  Now that I’ve finished making the list though, I’m starting to gather information and start to wittle the list of about 90 congregations down to 30-40.

In other news, I has a big surprise Tuesday when my car stalled out in the middle of traffic.  Luckily traffic was very stop and go, so I didn’t cause an accident.  I just got it back today with a couple new parts and a recharged battery, and I’m happy to have her back.

Thirdly, the house has been having some issues with the water heater for the upstairs.  Amidst previous work put in, there are currently 7 people using the single shower that has hot water.  There were repairs supposedly done today, but there wasn’t any hot water (from what I understood) upstairs.  So, it looks like work is still needed, and we will all be sharing a shower until then, which has been working smoothly so far.

Lastly, I did find out what book of the Bible the ordination exam I will be taking at the end of the month will be on.  Fortunately, it’s a boom that’s only 8 chapters long, meaning I can read through it more than once and still have time to look up articles and such beforehand.  Given this is my third attempt at it though, the “what if” fairy is buzzing around.

In short, the week has been rather eventful and continues to hold surprises.  I have one last pulpit supply this weekend (at least for now).  So, after this weekend, things will start to lighten up a little bit.  I’ll be sure to let you all know how that goes on Sunday.  So, until then, may God bless you in all you do.


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