01/20/2016: Priorities

Since my last post, I’ve had a fair amount going on in my mind.  With the start of the new year has come the realization that I will need to renew my passport as well as look for health insurance for myself.  Though I don’t know why, it wasn’t until this week that it hit me.  Added to that is my attempts at finding a specialist to deal with what I went to the ER for last week with no success.  As if that weren’t enough, my last ordination exam (exegesis/interpretation of a biblical passage) starts this Saturday and runs through next Thursday.  So, simply put, the last couple days have been a little hectic mentally.  I have however been able to prioritize it all.  Knowing I still have a few months before I need to worry about health insurance, I know I can put that off.  The same goes for my passport renewal.  I have next week’s work schedule worked out, as well as a mountain of books for my exam.  So, that’s going smoothly so far.  As for the doctor’s appointment, although it is a “the sooner, the better” situation, it’s not an emergency.  So, I’ve been able to put that off for the time being.  I’m hoping this will allow me to focus on work to be done in the moment as well as not enter the exam flustered and on the edge of tears.  I must wonder why it took me 24+ hours to work this out, but then again, it’s a basic human experience as far as I’m concerned.  We all get a lot thrown at us or we realize we have a lot to do, and stresses rise, but, with God’s help, we’re able to take a step back, look at what needs to be done when and to make sense of the situation.  I just hope, in the future, I’m able to remember this and not take so long to get things in order. 

Besides that, there really isn’t much new here.  New Orleans is preparing for Mardi Gras season, and I’m preparing for my sweetheart to come visit Valentine’s Weekend.  Also, I’m mentally preparing for the exam this weekend (definitely more than I have in the past).  Besides that though, nothing to report.  So, until next time, may God bless you in all you do.


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