02/26/2016: Weathering the Storm

Good evening everyone.  I apologize for my lack of posting as of late.  Things just got really busy, especially in the last few days.  To give a little bit of background, there is a married couple who volunteer their time as chaplains at the hospital, and they alternate days of when they come in.  Well, as you may have heard or seen on the news, there was a cluster of major storms that moved through the Gulf region on Tuesday.  So, as a result of the imminent storm, the wife, who was supposed to come in Tuesday, said she didn’t want to be out in the storm and called off.  So, for good reason, she didn’t come in, which left my boss and I to split all the new patients in the hospital between the two of us.  About noon that day, both of my bosses told me to head home because they didn’t want me driving in the storm either, and I can’t say I really blame them.  So, Wednesday and Thursday was a lot of catching up with the patients that weren’t seen Tuesday.  On top of that, the town the married couple live in got hit much harder than my part of the area.  Most of what we got in my area (north and east of downtown) were heavy downpours mixed with some strong winds, but nothing really drastic.  We kept power, and there wasn’t any damage caused that I saw or heard.  Supposedly though, a tornado touched down and came within a block or two of the couple’s condo (north and west of the city).  They were without power or running water for a few days.  They were finally able to get in today.  Regardless, the last few days have been incredible, both in terms of the number of people I’ve met and in how I’ve been able to keep going with how drained I have felt.  Life goes on though, and tomorrow is a new day with new possibilities.  Fortunately, I can sleep in tomorrow, which is probably what I’ll end up doing.  Anyway, there really isn’t anything else really new to report.  So, until next time, may God bless you in all you do.


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