02/28/2016: A Year Later

A good part of today was spent in silent reflection, thinking about my grandfather who passed away a year ago today.  As you might guess, I miss him, and I can still remember that day vividly.  In thinking about it though, I can’t help thinking about how involved God truly is in our lives.  I had just gotten home the day before from my last second term of my seminary career, and I knew my grandfather was in the hospital.  Before I went to the hospital though, I swung by the cemetery where my other grandfather is buried.  Just like I did with my buried grandfather, I said a quick prayer that, if God was going to call him up to His kingdom, that I just get to see him one last time, but that His will be done.  Sure enough, just like with my other grandfather, when I swung around the hospital, the doctors came in not long after, and it was decided to withdraw care and let him go peacefully.  As sad as I was to see him go, to not get to see me graduate, to not get to meet my girlfriend, I realize how much better it was for him to just be at peace.  Not a day goes by that I’m not grateful for God letting me get to see him one last time before he died.  I guess what I’m trying to say is that our God is not an idle God.  God is not a watchmaker, who wound up the Universe and is just watching it wind down.  God answered my prayer in the span of 30 minutes.  No waiting, no terms and conditions, no taking a number, just a prayer for something from my heart of hearts, and it was.  Truly, our God is an awesome God, and as much as I miss my grandfather a year later, I still thank God for God’s love and mercy in that situation.  Anyway, I could go on, but I’m sure you get what I’m saying.  So, until next time, may God bless you in all you do.


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