I need to raise $6,000 for my year of service.  The first $3,000 is what I personally need to raise and must be raised by 1/1/16, $1,500 of which must be raised by 7/1/15.  The other $3,000 is going towards a team building fund, of which each person must raise $3,000 and (as far as I am aware) must be raised by the end of my YAV year.  There are a couple ways you can donate:

1.  PC(USA) website: If you are making a donation to my personal fund, you’ll need to specify in the comment box that it is for me, as the donation site is shared with all the YAVs in New Orleans.  If it is a donation to the group fund, then you can specify that if you wish, but it will be automatically designated as a donation to the group.

2.  Writing a check:  If you write a check, make sure to make it out to “Presbytery of South Louisiana” with “Bradley Rito – YAV” on the memo line, or else it WILL NOT be tax deductible.  Checks are to be mailed to:

Layne Brubaker

YAV Program

2221 Filmore Ave.

New Orleans, LA 70122


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